Driving to Chamonix

The drive out to Chamonix is less daunting than you may think. The roads in France are fast, relatively empty, smooth and free from roadworks. If you like driving, a real pleasure.

Diesel is cheap in France, about 1€ a litre if you fuel up at supermarkets but a bit more if you fill up on the motorways.

The Viamichelin website is fantastic. It can propose routes for you, estimate tolls, travelling time and fuel consumption.

driving to Chamonix

If you want a cheap sleepover on the way, try the Formula 1 hotels, cheap as chips from about £13 per night for a room for 3.

If you want to save money and avoid tolls and motorways, we advise that you at least take the autoroute from Bourg en Bresse to Chamonix as the "Route National" through this part is slow.

The prices of ferries has dropped in the last few years. This is mainly due to the emergence of www.speedferries.co.uk. They offer a quick simple and cheap crossing from Dover to Boulogne.