Mont Blanc Mountain Biking Holidays, Chamonix

MBMB 3 Countries Tour receives Singletrack World magazines "Editor's Choice" award

Mont Blanc Mountain Biking Holidays, Chamonix

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30th November 2011...

We've had a very mild Autumn and snow has yet to fall in Chamonix. What looks bad for skiers looks great for mountain bikers. We rode the Merlet trail yesterday. A bit chilly out of the sun but the descent was pure joy - tech singletrack, sun, not a soul in site save my girlfriend Michelle and our dog Pepper.

The origin of Mont Blanc Mountain Biking Holidays dates back to 1992 when mountain biking looked very different from today. The first holiday MBMB brought you was the "Classic Chalet" - a week of our favourite trails cherry picked to put a big smile on the face of every mountain biker who had the good fortune to ride with us in Chamonix.

A few years later we wanted to offer you something new - something a bit special that the other holiday companies couldn't offer. The Tour of Mont Blanc is a classic Alpine walking route through France, Switzerland and Italy but when we asked if people attempted it on mountain bikes we were always told that it was not possible. But they weren't mountain bikers so we thought we'd try ride it ourselves. It took a while but we found a a 5 day route that avoided most of the unrideable parts but still took in all the important high mountain passes. The MBMB 3 Countries Tour was born. One magazine described it as “The Ultimate Alpine Loop”. Singletrack magazine rode it too and the editor gave it his “Event of the year award”. We’ve uploaded a PDF of the article, have a look, it’s a good read. The Independent newspaper covered it in July last year - here's their article

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We still run a few of our classic chalet mountain bike weeks and weekends early on and late in the season when there are fewer walkers about but the MBMB 3 Countries Tour has become a modern classic and it's what we do best and what we do most of.