Boozing - where to go

Dave and Sarah

You won't be able to resist the bars in Chamonix Our favourites are Le Pub, The Micro Brewery, Bar'd up, the Queen Vic and The Cybar. Not much fun in the Vic and Cybar at the moment though as they are being rebuilt after burning down last year.

Le Pub is a more civil place with a mixture of French and foreign clientelle. They serve great Murphys and John Smiths. The Micro Brewery (MBC) is our favourite. Run by canadians, they feature 5 house brewed beers - a lager, a pale ale, a blanche, a stout and a beer of the month special. Great organic beer with no chemicals. You can have a skinful of this and not have a thick head in the morning....... Well almost.

There are other newer bars too that I have to say I don't know too much about as they are for the younger drinkers. In Chamonix Sud, try "Monkey Bar" and "Bar 74".

If you don't want to ride all the way into Chamonix town for a pint, then "Le Vert" is just the job. A new funky hotel in Les Gaillands run by young French and foreign owners (12 in all I'm told).phil pointing