Eating out

Where do you start? Like any french town there are loads of places to eat. Starting with the simplest of lunches you have the sandwich bars Belouga, Poco Loco and our favourite, Midnight Express. They serve huge, hot, round sandwiches with a choice of fillings and sauces. A meal in itself.

For medium budget restaurants, our prefered places are The Jekyll, Goophy, Munchie, The MBC, La Casa Valerio for pizzas and Poppadoms in Chamonix Sud for a great curry.

If you really want to push the boat out and try some haute cuisine, we recommend the Auberge du Bois Prin (Michelin starred), Maison Carrier (Michelin Starred) and the Panier des Quatre Saisons where you can get Michelin star quality food for not a lot more than you'd pay for a ropey pub lunch in the UK.